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Go Green with the Help of Airflow

Airflow Systems is compliant both with a variety of green environmental programs, including the official green building program for the state of Virginia, EarthCraft House™, which we’ve followed since it was first started in 2006.  That program was recently expanded under a new name, Viridiant, that contains the latest building science to construct the most affordable, livable, durable and environmentally-friendly homes.  Here’s a brief overview:

What is a Viridiant-certified House?

  • Viridiant is a green-building program originally developed by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association that addresses all aspects of the building process from an environmentally focused perspective. Their guidelines cover site planning, tree preservation, building materials, waste management, air quality and energy efficiency from house design to appliances.
  • To achieve Viridiant certification, homes must meet ENERGY STAR certification criteria, including passing scores from diagnostic tests for air infiltration and duct leakage. In addition to the ENERGY STAR rating, Viridiant designated homes require testing during and after construction for adherence to duct and whole house conformance standards.
  • Airflow Systems, Inc. is a certified Viridiant certifier and can help you achieve this certification. All Viridiant certified homes will be awarded ENERGY STAR certification
Why live in a Viridiant House?

There are lots of reasons to choose a Viridiant house. These include:

  • Improved air and water quality.
  • Conserves resources and energy.
  • Quiet, durable and comfortable home.
  • Saves you money! The special energy-efficiency building requirements result in the reduction of heating and cooling costs by as much as 30%.

For more information, visit www.viridiant.org.
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