Performance Program

10% Off With Scheduled Service Reminders!
How Our Performance Program Works
Performing semi-annual maintenance keeps your heating and air conditioning system operating at maximum performance and efficiency levels, saving energy and repair costs. Preventative maintenance is recommended by all manufacturers as the best way to keep your unit trouble-free year-after-year, with fewer repairs. You will receive two “System Performance” reminders by postcard each Spring and Fall and save 10% off your service call. Give Brooke North a call at 434-979-4328 to schedule your Performance Program service call today.

Here’s what’s included in your Performance Program service call:

Heating & Cooling HVAC Systems:

  • Check evaporator and condenser coils and clean if necessary.
  • Check refrigerant pressures.
  • Check starting capabilities.
  • Check safety controls.
  • Check voltage and amperage on motors.
  • Check the defrost controls.
  • Check thermostat operation.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Check condensate drain and clean if necessary.
Heating & Cooling Geothermal Systems:
  • Check loop field and pressure, pressurize with water if necessary.
  • Check heat of extraction or heat of rejection.
  • Check temperature difference across air coil.
  • Clean drain line, insure proper fall.
  • Check loop pump operations.
  • Check all dip switch settings.
  • Check electric heat connections/operations.
  • Check thermostat operations.
  • Check zone operations if applicable.


  • Remove canister filter and clean or replace as necessary
  • Clean and deodorize the water housing area.
  • Clean water lines and drains.
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